Julie Camacho Republican Candidate for Judge - 342nd District Ct.
Julie Camacho Republican Candidate for Judge - 342nd District Ct.
  • Julie Camacho for Judge 342nd Civil District Ct.
    Tarrant County, Texas

    Please Vote Julie Camacho - Republican Primary 2018

    Why you should vote Julie Camacho for Judge in Tarrant County

    - Over 26 years as a Conservative Republican

    - Over 16 years of legal experience since obtaining her license to practice law.

    - She is not a career politician, she is an attorney running for Judge.

    - She will be decisive, fair, and run the court efficiently to minimize costs to the Court and Parties by utilizing technology appropriately.

    - She is a true fiscal Conservative, with a B.A. in Economics and Business Administration.

    - She is a staunch defender of the Constitution and laws of the United States and Texas.

    - She will apply the laws as written and not legislate from the bench; she is gifted with a strong understanding of statutory interpretation and the role of the trial court judge.

    - She has experienced adversity and prevailed in both her personal and professional life.

    - She will treat every person in her courtroom fairly, equally, and with respect and empathy.

    - She will view the evidence in the proper light and will decide cases without allowing personal animus or politics to influence her decisions.

    - She will not decide cases before giving the parties, their counsel, the evidence, and witnesses an opportunity to be heard.

    The diminishing opportunity for a jury trial is not what the Founding Fathers envisioned when they made it a protected constitutional right. As Judge of the 342nd Civil District Court in Tarrant County, Texas, Julie Camacho will utilize the appropriate dispute resolution options when they will help the parties, but will also strive to give each litigant their day in court. 

    Why Julie Camacho is Running

    The touchstone of Julie's life has been whether she is honoring God and her family. She feels called to utilize the gifts she was given through service to the public as a Civil District Court judge, and she believes that she can run an efficient and streamlined court.

    Julie loves the law and enjoys learning new areas of the law. As a practicing attorney, Julie has sought out complicated civil matters and cases with interesting constitutional and statutory interpretation issues. She is currently representing a client seeking to overturn a statute which infringes First Amendment rights and is an excessive regulatory measure disguised as a tax.

    Julie has the complete support of her husband, Robert Camacho, and her extended family, including the Nelsons, the Camachos, and the McGranns. Julie is the only female attorney in her family. Most of the ladies in her family have a BA, MA, or PhD in STEM, nursing, or education related majors. Julie will be the first judge in her family if she is elected to the District Court, and she feels it is important to show the next generation that women can accomplish anything they set their mind to, no matter what challenges they have to overcome.

    Address and Contact

    Camacho for Judge Campaign

    2525 Ridgmar Blvd., Ste. 150, Fort Worth, Texas 76116, United States


    Request an Appearance

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